Moonbow Photographed Over Yorkshire

A rare lunar rainbow – or moonbow – has been photographed in the skies over northern England.

Ben Gwynne captured the sight on the moors above Skipton, North Yorkshire at about 19:40 GMT on 17th October.

Lunar rainbows are formed when moonlight, rather than direct sunlight, is refracted by moisture in the atmosphere.

On Sunday, a Hunter’s Moon – also known as a blood moon – lit up skies over the UK.


Photo by Ben Gwynne

We’d gone into the Dales to take pictures and stopped on the way back to photograph the moon over some trees,” he said.

I’d never seen one before and getting to photograph it was amazing.

  • Moonbows appear in areas with high rainfall or in the mist around waterfalls.
  • They often look white to the naked eye, but long-exposure photographs will capture their colours.